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Recruiting: What’s the Best Type of Lead to Pursuit « Bill Solano

Recruiting: What’s the Best Type of Lead to Pursuit

Recruiting: What’s the Best Type of Lead to Pursuit

Find the Best Profile to Focus On:

Do you want to find out what’s the best profile for your ideal recruit. This post will delve into the best type of lead you should pursuit. We know that our up-line will tell us that if the person is breathing then that’s our perfect lead. Well that may not be the best way to spend your valuable time.

Recruiting Professionals

When Things Go Wrong:

Let take a look at the scenario when you try to recruit broke negative prospects. You land up wasting much of your valuable time trying to justify to them why this is a good opportunity, most of the time they will back out even if you do succeed in getting to sign.

A Sign of Better Times:

Now let’s take a closer look at doing the same thing but this time we try to focus on professionals. Now professionals for the most part either already understand the difference between exchanging time for money as opposed to being paid for results. For example a real estate agent gets listing and when they sell the property they make a commission for their effort. This is not much different than being paid for selling you MLM product or service. These type of professional already know that they will only get out of their business what they put into it.

  • They won’t expect to get paid a certain amount per hour, but they will see the value of getting residual income after the initial sales has been made.
  • They will also understand that working towards a their goal take effort and dedication.
  • They already have the dedication putting in the time it takes to make a living.
  • They will understand that to make any money they must put in the effort.

You will not only be growing a down-line but forming a team of professionals that will stick with you for the long-term. Your team retention rate will be through the roof and the envy of all your fellow marketers.

If you want more information on how to build a quality down-line and prosper in any economic situation check out my lead generation system

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