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Time is Money Philosophy « Bill Solano

Time is Money Philosophy

Time is Money

Time is Money Philosophy

Do you find that you have all the money in the world but really don’t have any free time to enjoy it? Are you constantly checking your e-mail or looking for the next message from you job. Do you find that your are at the top of your profession but really haven’t really had any free time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Keep in mind that time is maney.

time is money

Time Is Money

Do All these questions make you feel like you have pit in your gut. If so this means that you have sacrificed your happiness to be able to make a living. There’s a saying that puts this syndrome into perspective. You should work to live, not live to work. I use the philosophy that time is money to help understand how to solve this issue.

Well there are many alternatives to spending all your time working at a supposedly 9 to 5 job. You can always wait at the side of the road with a sign that says “I’ll work for food” or move in with your parents, if that’s still an option. But all these ways will never actually allow you to help anyone, specially yourself. Remember that time is money and we can’t waste either.

Another option under the time is money methodology is to go back to school and get the skills for a future career. Although you are still going to be limited and may spend more time at work while you gain experience and seniority. This may put you back in the same position that you are in now.

Well, then how are you supposed to get money and time freedom together at the same time. After investigating the many options out there I have only found a very limited set of options where anyone can have both money and time freedom together. This is the network marketing industry where you get “Time is Money”.

In network marketing you work together with both those that came before you ,up-line, and those that come after you, down-line, to build a successful business together. You and your team mates are rewarded for working as team. No one can succeed without the other parts of the team, your success depends solely on you ability to help others succeed.

The network marketing business model is completely different from that of corporate business model. The leadership in the corporate business model is looking to enhance the bottom line of the investors and will do anything in their power to make that happen.

Network marketing business model depends on the leadership to support and enhance the position of new representatives coming into the business. They will help anyone willing spends time and energy on bettering themselves. The more people that succeed the more the success you will have as a leader.

If you have ever wanted to have both time freedom and the money to enjoy it then you should look into network marketing as a viable alternative. You can start out doing it part time while you still work and then transition into a full time career after a couple of years.

Are you ready to start treating your life like time is money or just looking for more information then click HERE for a free report.

Yours in mastery

time is money

Bill Solano
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Time is Money

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